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Features included for all families

Online Photo Albums and Storage
We provide you with all the storage you should need to show off your little one! With a limit of 1,000 photos, and the ability to sort everything into albums that you create, you'll be able to show everyone who has the cutest baby. (hint: it's you!)

Your own Baby Blog
Everyone has stories of exploration and adventure, and you'll need a place to let your friends and family know what kind of things you've gotten in to! You can post as often as you'd like, and share all your best tales!

Growth Charts
Track the changing height and weight of your baby as they start growing, and if you're still expecting, start a friendly pool of guesses about just how big or small your newborn will be!

Guestbook for Visitors
Let your friends and family leave a message for your little one through the online guestbook!

Quick status updates
If you just want to make a quick update on how you're feeling, or want to relay a brief moment to your readers, you can add a quick one-line update that's displayed on your honeybook.ca front page!

Informative Baby Statistics
Your honeybook.ca page will cover details like how close you are to the due date, or how old your baby is, along with other information you might find interesting to discover!

Track your Milestones
Any new adventure that your little one makes, like a first step, first tooth, or first university degree (alright, maybe we're thinking ahead too far, but we like to dream!), can be logged with the date that it occurred. Show off how your baby is developing, and keep a record of all the great memories online.

Personalized Memories DVD
When your little one finally outgrows honeybook.ca, we don't want your site to vanish, so we'll give you the option of creating a full physical DVD of your site to keep forever. You don't need to worry about being on the net, and you won't lose any of your photos, blogs, or comments from friends and family.

Comments galore!
Every blog post and picture entry can have comments added by the friends you've sent your baby's honeybook.ca address to, so you'll get lots of wonderful feedback! Everyone loves hearing positive things about their baby, so we've made it easy for people to give you great feedback.