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Screenshots and Samples

Your personal administration panel allows you to configure a number of details about your new baby, ranging from name, to due date or birthday, and a block of text for visitors to your baby's new homepage to read right off the bat.
You can create any number of photo albums, and you can move your photos around easily, tagging them with captions to let your family and friends know what memories you'd like to share.
From your baby's homepage, your visitors can leave personal messages to send their love, or to just say they've been thinking of you!
Your new homepage shows off a picture, some information about your baby, and a custom message to let your visitors know what's new! Large buttons at the top make it easy for guests to navigate around all of your content.
Any parent knows that each new day brings a new adventure, and you can keep your family and friends up to date with a personal baby blog. You can post messages, and readers can leave personalized comments.
Each honeybook.ca profile can have a nearly unlimited number of photo albums, and your visitors will have fun browsing the pictures you've decided to share with them!